The French Revolution: The Advantages Of The American Revolution

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The American Revolution was about the independence of a country. The people who planned it were the wealthy people among the Americans. They were the Capitalist Middle-Class. The high-class were the British and the lower classes the slaves and workers. The capitalist wanted a different government. They wanted a democracy. The capitalists are the founders of the United States. They believed in working hard to make money and do what they wanted with it. On the other hand the French revolution was about human rights. In the French Revolution the bourgeoisie had almost the same circumstances. They would work really hard and save money. Along the years they had almost more money than the nobility. The more money they had the more taxes would be raised. The bourgeoisie…show more content…
Many countries were against Britain, especially the French. America received a lot of help from other countries. The French not only send troops to fight, but paid for almost the whole revolution. France had no money when the revolution started and the Americans didn’t paid them back because they were building their own economy. The bourgeoisie started the revolution without help from the Americans or other countries. Instead countries attempted to attack them like mentioned before.

Religion always has a part in politics. This might be the most noticeable contrast between the two revolutions. The American Revolution was not based, guided or caused by religion. America was protestant and Protestantism was very capitalist in economic ideals. Protestantism wasn’t in the way of the American Revolution. On the other hand, France was catholic and Catholicism favored the monarchy and had very high position in the hierarchy. The bourgeoisie was fighting the king as well as the clergy (church) in the revolution. So the Catholic Church compared to the protestant was very involved in the
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