The French-Revolution: The Main Causes Of The French Revolution

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On the morning of July 14th in 1789, King Louie the 16th of France received the news of Prise de la Bastille, Storming of the Bastille in English. Bastille was a official prison where there were criminals who was sent to jail for their political offense or thought criminal. It also was an arsenal of the imperial court. This event was so-called the opener of “French-revolution”. As many scholars said, there is no doubt that French-revolution is the very historical milestone because it became the cause of democracy. Republic system of government, now we regard as if it were common sense, was set up through this revolution. Public citizens supersede privileged class people to become the bearer of the culture, economy and politics. In French-revolution, people sacrifice royal bloods in return for dawn a new age. Then, here I have one question: How French-revolution has been occurred? When we think about French-revolution, we tend to just focus on the fact that it occurred. However, looking back on the process and cause of revolution is efficient way to think about current socioeconomic structure. Recent study shows two main causes of revolution. The first cause is budget deficit problems. In 1780s, French court had heavy debts, a whopping more than 4.5 billion livre. The main factor of trouble was foreign war directed by Louis the 14th, great grandfather of Louis the 16th. He put his nose into two big war; The War of Devolution and Franco-Dutch War. At first, he

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