The French Revolution: The Main Causes Of The French Revolution

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France in the 1770’s to the 1780’s was split into three different social classes. The first, being The Clergy . Second, the nobility. Third, being everyone else or the peasant social class. The entire French Revolution started simply with a famine and a greedy king. This revolution could have been completely avoided had there been one simple variable changed and the outcome could have saved a lot of lives. The french revolution happened to start because of the American Revolution and other wars and military spending. The two main causes of the lack of wealth in France was the kings Louis XV and Louis XVI along with the militaries profuse amount of spending. Since France didn 't have enough money to feed their people, their people decided to take matters into their own hands. The French population during the actual beginning of the french revolution was very unequal. First you had the clergy who only averaged out to .5% of the population. Then, there were the Nobility and approximately 1.5% of the population. Lastly, there is everyone else (the peasants) which made up the rest of the population 99%. The actual breaking point of the French Revolution was the meeting at the Versi Palace or so it is labeled. The meeting started off in the palace with all three social class having representatives. The poor were afraid of being given more tax while the wealthy was afraid of their money being taken along with their titles. The king himself was terrified of his title as the
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