The French Revolution: The Reasons For The English Revolution

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The Reasons behind the English Revolution
The English revolution or known as the English Civil War was a period of armed conflict and political agitation from 1642 until 1649. It witnessed the trial of the king Charles I in who reigned since 1625. During his sovereignty, England saw a clear division between the royalists and the Parliamentarians. Indeed, this period witnessed great turmoil and caused the suffering of the English people and brought with it many changes. This struggle was inevitable due to the King’s selfish way of ruling and the terrible consequences of his decisions and of his acts. It was the most significant event in the early English history. Hence, in this essay, I will examine the most important factors that contributed to this tension and the outbreak of this bloody war.
1. Divine Right of the King
The first major reason of the English revolution is because the king Charles I believed in divine rights. In other words, he believed that God has chosen him and gave him the complete authority to rule. Hence, nothing on the earth had the right to oppose his choice, not even the Parliamentarians (Encyclopædia Britannica).
Indeed, the King was making important decisions by his own, ignoring the legislature of England. Consequently more and more members of the Parliament started to complain about him, especially when they observed that they were not consulted even for the most important affairs of the country. As a matter of fact,
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