Colonial St. Dominque's Role In The Haitian Revolution

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The Haitian revolution cannot be fully explained without examination of the society that existed before the revolution. Colonial St. Domingue was reputed to be the most productive and valuable colony in the world by the late eighteenth century. St. Domingue grew indigo, coffee, cotton and sugar. However, French control over St. Domingue was not finalized until the Treaty of Ryswick in 1697 and thus, the economic development of St. Domingue was delayed. Once development had begun, however, it proceeded at an extremely rapid pace and the colony experienced its golden age from 1763 – 1789. By 1789, there were 790 sugar the colony plantations, 2000 coffee plantation, 700 cotton cultivation and 3000 small amount of sugar as all the British- colonized territories combined. She had also become a major coffee producer. This development pattern had implications for…show more content…
Developments in France were closely followed by all groups in the colonies. The watch words were ‘Liberty, Equality and Fraternity’. Each group interpreted these watchwords as referring to themselves and their particular grievance. It was hoped by all groups that the revolution would produce changes, not only in France, but also in the colonies. The precise role of the French revolution in the Haitian revolution has been debated. It has been demonstrated; however, that basis of St. Dominque’s volatility was rooted in the fact that it was a society based on the exploitation of slave labour. The French revolution would also help the enslaved people in a very practical way. The overthrow of the old regime in France meant that the traditional sources of power and authority were weakened. Thus, the white oligarchy was stripped of its usual supports. The governor, intendent, and even the militia, had lost legitimacy and their basis of control. Further, France itself could not respond to colonial developments with as much speed and force, because of its own internal
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