The Friar To Blame In Shakespeare's Romeo And Juliet

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In the story of Romeo and Juliet many very unfortunate things happen, but who is to blame for all these things? In the world people are always looking for someone to blame, No one ever wants it to be there fault. In the story of Romeo and Juliet I think that the Friar is to blame. The Friar could have taken control over this once he saw it start to go bad, but he didn't. The Friar easily could have stopped the death of 3 people but instead he tried to help Romeo and Juliet.

First of all, The Friar is a neutral source in the city which means that he could have told both of the families that Romeo and Juliet were getting married and still not have it be his fault. Although he would be breaking promise to the two lovers he would have saved multiple lives. It all
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I feel that the Friar should have stepped up and been an adult and told both of them to tell their parents how they feel ( which might fix the feud between the families) and told them to marry the original way. Also I don't think the Friar thought through all of his options when he said to Juliet to fake her death, off the top of my head i can already think of 3, run away, tell her parents, or meet with romeo at night and run away together. “Romeo, Romeo, Romeo! Here’s drink. I drink to thee.” (Shakespeare, act 4, scene 3).

Although I feel that it is the Friar’s fault. I can see how some people would blame this all on the parents of Romeo and Juliet. Some would say that the parents never talked to there kids and never got to know them which in turn would mean that the parents would not be able to help the kids with any of their problems. Also one could say that the parents were very assertive and forced the kids into things such as Juliet to marry Paris. All in all i see how the parents could have had a part in this story but not as big as the
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