The Frog Compare And Contrast Essay

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In today’s world, there are varieties of films that have been duplicated into a more modern version. Most Walt Disney movies are originated from either written or old fashion versions of that movie. Some of those movies are edited in several ways. In the Disney movie, The Princess and the Frog one will see that the characters, location, and resolution differ from the original copy. Although they bear some superficial similarities, the difference between the written version of The Princess and the Frog highly differs from the movie. In the movie, there were several differences involving the characters. After examining the two versions there were several characters added to the movie that were not displayed in the story. The story portrays…show more content…
In the movie, Princess Tiana is turned into a frog after kissing a prince who was cursed by the shadow man, after traveling through the bayou in search of a voodoo lady to change her back she discovers that the key to being human again was in front of her all along. She marries the prince and becomes a real princess and as she kisses him they both become human again. Though the story does not display Tiana as a character nor does it show how the frog became a frog. The youngest daughter from the story met the frog by the fountain after losing a ball. She promised him that if he retrieves her ball from the water that she would take him to her home. After the ball was retrieved she wandered back home leaving the frog in sadness. Not knowing the frog would find his way to her home, her father made her keep her promise and care for the frog. In the story one will see that the youngest daughter was upset with the frog and threw him into the air and he returned to the ground as a human. Considering that the story is indeed different from the movie studies show that movies often portray more details than written versions of literature. For instance, adding different characters and changing their names gives readers and viewers different insights of them in movies that in the stories. In fact, the editing of the locations and characters in the story played
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