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Old World Coffee Shops “The Front Porch” by Chester McCovey brings up how front porches aren’t used for socializing anymore and sit for a use of decoration. Front porches were the main social center in a house. Front porches connected a neighborhood. Front yards were used for kids to play, now it’s just another yard to decorate. Now people are out driving, sitting indoors in air conditioning, connecting on social media. As McCovey said: “So, a need or desire –to stay cool, to be entertained, to keep up with what’s going on – is replaced not be a different need or desire but instead by a new way of meeting it.” McCovey’s memory of the front porch reminded me of a place seldom seen anymore a genuine coffee shop. Friends – a TV show from the…show more content…
The coffee shop isn’t used as a meeting place; old friends now connect through the internet rather than meet each other in person. One doesn’t go to a coffee shop on a weekend to go relax by a window to read the paper and slowly enjoy every sip of an expertly crafted cup of coffee. Now people wait in a long line at their local chain to get a paper cup filled with cheap coffee and fake sweetener, and rush off to their class or job, drinking so fast they burn their tongues in the process. Coffee and coffee shops have now become a routine rather than a delightful occasion. When I go into Dunkin Donuts in the morning I get the same basic greeting, same brown paper cup, and walk out feeling the same as I walked in. When I walk into a coffee shop located in my hometown; that I used to go with my grandmother when she had her book club meetings, I am greeted by the same women I’ve been greeted by for years. I’ve ordered this same drink so many times I forget the name of because I don’t even have to say anything they already know what to make. I never feel uncomfortable talking about what’s going on in my life; they’re always nonjudgmental and give the best advice. I use a coffee shop it used to be meant for- I meet up with old friends, it is a place where I can escape from a very negative world, I always come out feeling like a new

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