The Function Of Fiction Is The Abstraction And Simulation Of Social Experience

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The paper “The function of Fiction is the Abstraction and Simulation of Social Experience” written by Raymond Mar and Keith Oatley explores the concerns regarding literary narratives. Mar and Oatley’s main claim and argument put forward throughout this paper is their concern that literary narrative serves much more of an important purpose that we know. Through literary narratives we are exposed to the social world through different models and it also offers us social interaction with other. Narratives consist of many different occurrences which are all associated and occur over a period of time. (Graesser, Hauft-Smith, Cohen, & Pyles, 1980). Mar and Oatley explain how individuals are constanty exposed to literary fiction, whether it is through films, plays, television etc. While individuals are engaging with this literary fiction they are also reacting subconsciously to it as if we are taking part in the activity that we are watching.
Mar and Oatley explore this motive in a great amount of detail and they describe the act of storytelling and the effects they have on the readers. One understands stories through the creation of mental models. Simulation is heavily connected with narrative fiction. Authors and filmmakers constantly go through simulations of different experiences and events to create their books and movies. A reader can engage in a book, causing them to feel the emotions that come with the narratives of the book. What really defines a good narrative is how we,
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