The Function Of Literature Theory Reflection

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Hayden Long
Professor Firstman
ENGL 20 TuTh 10am
Literature Theory Reflection Throughout the spring 2018 semester, it’s been rather strange considering the situation Dr. Walton’s class is now presented with. While the class has read through a plethora of short stories, poems, and novels, there has been very little in the line of “teaching” within the classroom. The class essentially would read the assigned story of the day and perform a summary/analysis in the class in a discussion format. Most of these ideas were basic literary devices such as metaphor, theme, tone, setting, etc. However, the mix of assigned readings were interesting enough to create a learning environment in which literally analysis was key. From the start, the syllabus detailed many different types of literary pieces; from “Bartleby” to “We Real Cool” and “A Streetcar Named Desire” to “Fences”. Each piece was unique from the previous including different types of literary theory presented within the first chapter of the textbook. This allowed for students to practice their literary analysis within a multitude of styles. The primary focus of each piece seemed to be to identify the theme or hidden message; what was the author trying to convey to the reader. The understanding of this theory mechanic was so that readers may be able to take a key lesson or ideal from the story and apply it to their lives in a positive manner. Sometimes the focus was put on symbolism, as while it may display
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