The Function Of Stage Management: The Role Of Stage Management

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INTRODUCTION According to Lonazzi (1992), “most people have a sense of what a stage manager is but are usually surprised to learn their perception is rather narrow. The stage manager should certainly have knowledge of the varied components that go into the creation of a piece of theatre. The physical scenery, props, costumes, lights, and sound are obvious elements requiring the attention of the stage manager, but a stage manager must be part director, playwright, designer, and producer. A stage manager will also find himself in the position of confidant, counsellor, and confessor” (p.9).The stage manager supervises rehearsals, assists the director, and takes charge of the stage, performers, and crew during performances. The stage manager serves…show more content…
Stage manager can help us how to manage the environment around us unlike other departments stage manager cover all units in artistic production. Stage manager can obtain roughly RM 10 000 to RM 30 000 per show in an event. Therefore, this is the conclusion about my research about the function of stage manager. To be a stage manager you need to be prepared on physiological needs. According to Lonazzi (1992), “this classification includes basic life-sustaining items such as food, water, shelter, sleep, etc. Most jobs provide us with money that can be exchanged for these physiological needs. As a stage manager, you have very little control over the amount of money performers or technicians are to receive for their work and even less control over the amount of money they need to sustain themselves. However, if someone is seeking to fulfil physiological needs, you must acknowledge that a pat on the back and words of praise will not go very far in motivating this individual. He or she is working from a deficit and is concerned with survival. Money may not be the only problem here. An adverse working environment may deprive an individual of certain physiological needs ” (p.164). Based on this citation, to be the stage manager they have to be prepared their physical and mental it is because the qualities to be the stage manager is very higher. A good stage manager will run an event without any mistakes and they have to plan very carefully to make sure the event running

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