Benefits Of School Gardening Essay

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Functions and Benefits of School Gardening
School gardening implementation have different functions and benefits derive by students and other stakeholders. Actually, the philosophy of gardening in basic education was dated to at least 19th Century by thinkers such as Jean-Jacques Rousseau and Friedrich Froebel who promoted direct observation and experience of nature as foundation of learning (Bucklin- Sporer and Pringle, 2010). Many studies also established that garden functions in different way and many benefits derived from school gardening most especially to learners. Ohly et al. (2016) stated that qualitative evidence mostly suggests that participants in school gardening programmes including children and adults may experience and perceive a range health and well-being impacts. Their studies also described that most children involved in school gardening, perceive that they gain greater knowledge and awareness,
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Well-developed garden activities help students’ foster positive and help motivate students to do well in academic subjects (Childs, 2011). Since the students are parts of a bigger system, exposed and influenced by many factors in the environment. The social cognitive theory of personal, environmental, and behavioural factors, along with experiential learning theory provide an environment for students to gain experience and appropriately shape new ideas in gardening. The implementation of school gardening program does not only benefit the students’ academic performance and behavior but also a way to address malnutrition in the country. The Gulayan sa Paaralan promote food security in schools and communities through vegetable production. The GPP is a vital help that contribute for the success in the implementation of the school feeding program by sustaining organic produced vegetables (Inocian & Nuneza,

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