The Functions Of Queuing In The 21st Century

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Queuing gradually become popular. We accustomed queuing for goods or services. No matter we buy thing, waiting for table in restaurant or even waiting to go to toilet. The function of queuing is “First-come First-served” and assure people will have the equal treatment. In economic, queuing is a way to ration scarce goods and services. Also, queuing can preclude inequality because all people who was queuing have the equal rights for the goods or services. First, Queuing became a social norm even though queuing is not a laws. Queuing became to our collective conscience because we shared consensus of norms and value. Refer to Durkheim, he mentioned that collective conscience is externally imposed on individuals. If we do not queue, people will label us were impolite and uncivilized. Therefore, we must follow the social orders and we have no choice to choose. Then, in symbolic interactionism, the new generation accept queuing because of socialization. Though social interaction, they can learn the values, norms and role of their culture. Also, different socialization agents, such as family, school, peer, students can learned from those agents that queuing is a norm in our society so that they must follow that. Second, the example of HK Disney that if we buy the premium membership ticket, we can get extra FASTPASS ticket to avoid queuing. It shows that economic determinism exists. The people who pay much more money to get the premium membership can avoid the queuing time.

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