Essay On World Trade Organization

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World Trade Organization was established in January 1, 1995 in Geneva, Switzerland the Uruguay round negotiations. It is a global organization dealing with rules of trade between nations. It is also an international organization that administers multilateral agreements pertaining to trade in goods (GATT), Trade in services (GATS) and trade-related aspects of intellectual property rights (TRIP’s). The specific functions of world trade organization are they were the one who are responsible for the settlement of differences and disputes members and also responsible for periodic reviews of the trade policy of members. As a market Trade Organization are conducted to reduce barriers to trade, agree to rules of behavior and resolve disputes and as…show more content…
Food security is lost because World Trade Organization has something trade agreement in agriculture, it institutionalizes inequality, high tremendous subsidies for farming, and interests of the European Union and United States. The agreement in agriculture, corporations are able to dump subsidies food, on 3rd world countries, and robbing farmers of their livelihoods, they are able to take over domestic markets and food production and deny people their right of food culture, right to livelihood and food and right to save food. World Trade Organization killing local farmers because they are directly competing with local farmers are producing. In countries in the worth about 30-50% of farmers income are provided by state subsidies, now compare that to the developing countries the agreement of agriculture demands a liberalization, the lifting Tariffs and the end of quotas in market access into these countries, whereas agriculture in this countries is not subsidies their farmers because their government can’t afford. It is not an agreement to promote free trade in fact, it is an agreement to consolidate and hold on to
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