The Functions Of The World Trade Organization

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World Trade Organization was established in January 1, 1995 in Geneva, Switzerland the Uruguay round negotiations. It is a global organization dealing with rules of trade between nations. It is also an international organization that administers multilateral agreements pertaining to trade in goods (GATT), Trade in services (GATS) and trade-related aspects of intellectual property rights (TRIP’s). The specific functions of world trade organization are they were the one who are responsible for the settlement of differences and disputes members and also responsible for periodic reviews of the trade policy of members. As a market Trade Organization are conducted to reduce barriers to trade, agree to rules of behavior and resolve disputes and as a code of conduct rules governing the trade policies of members. World Trade Organization is liberalization of trade, there is free trade industrialization and open market. Liberals perspective and interest is economic development rather than the people. Some people says World Trade Organization is not just a trade regime, but also a global constitution where the binding provision of the World Trade Organization regimes that all countries small conform their domestic laws, regulations, and administrative procedures to the World Trade Organization agreement. World Trade Organization is free trade but in fact, it is an instrument to controlall countries throughout the world and not only the trade but also trade related agreements. It is
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