The Funeral Home Summary

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This story is about how Senator Lyndon Johnson had to stand up for the rights of a Mexican American family in order to deal with the racism that the state of Texas was displaying towards them and their father’s death. The story starts off with the author describing the details of the person that died. Felix Longoria was a private for the United States army, Infantry unit who died in action on Luzon, which is located in the Philippines. He was supposed to be burred in Three Rivers Texas, but unfortunately the family was having some complications because the manager of the funeral services didn’t want to allow them to utilize the funeral home while having to make white people wait for the services. In other words, he prioritized white people for the use of the home before Mexican Americans.
Furthermore, Dr. Garcia, president of the American GI Forum, gets in contact with Senator Lyndon Johnson and explains him the situation. A soldier is having his rights violated even though he made the ultimate sacrifice for his country, and there is nothing his family can
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In a way, the Russians are mirroring what America did to the Western Hemisphere in terms of spreading their governance policies and ideologies. In addition, Russia also started putting certain political groups in power, most notably the communist party in Germany, which would look suspicious and biased from Winston Churchill’s perspective. Unfortunately for Germany, doing this will only end up conflicting the country, because half of it is already being influenced by western ideology, and now putting in Russian influence on the eastern part of the country will only serve to set the people up for separation and segregation based on different ways of life and
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