The Fur Coat: A Literary Analysis

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The Fur Coat: In Laura’s novella, when the woman meets her lover, she’s always wearing the most ordinary attire she owns, a costly fur coat. The coat becomes a source of bitterness for the man who disgusted by the wealthy’s usage of money, and it strains the relationship between the couple.
Social Class: Iris faces many issues because of her class in both her childhood and adulthood. As a child, she was prohibited by her father to play with the other kids in their town and even after she gets married, she is expected to act like her class in order to “keep the Griffen family’s honor intact. (Atwood 345)” Social Class is important because it makes the wealthy, like Richard and Iris’s father, vulnerable to the media, which pushes much of the plot,
Photographs: Iris talks about photographs from her childhood and her wedding. Laura tints the faces of people in photographs different colors, claiming it to be the color of their soul. The woman in Laura’s novella has only a picture left of the man, photographs impact the text because they act as a source of memory for Iris and the woman, and it allows Iris to see Laura’s true feelings
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“The only way you can write the truth is to assume what you set down will never be read. Not by any
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Another book The Blind Assassin relates to is I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings, since they both share the theme of gender expectations, particularly toward females. In addition, it also relates with Night because in both books, the protagonists (Iris and Elie) lost their faith in God due to tragic events in their childhood. Lastly, The Blind Assassin relates to A Raisin in the Sun because both books share a theme: the value of money in comparison to the importance of love, freedom, and
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