The Furies

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Summer Reading Project Meico Santo 6/18/15 8/31/15 Fiction Book: “The Furies” by Mark Alpert Journal Entry 1: Prompt: Why do you think the author chose the title he/she did? Analyze its deeper meaning. If it 's an obvious title, rename it something more symbolic and explain your rationale. Response: I believe that Mark Alpert chose the title “The Furies” because the plot relies on the fact that two of the three protagonists are Furies. In the book Furies is the proper label for a witch as displayed in the text when Ariel/Lily says, “Witches, calling us witches is like calling people niggers, you don’t do it” (paraphrased Alpert). Because it is an obvious title I would rename the novel “Chromosome 23.” I would rename it that because one of…show more content…
Consider the facts, statistics, and research that are used to make the book seem “real.” Response: Brian Clegg establishes authenticity in the text by incorporating ethos and logos, which then reassuring the reader that they’re reading the truth. As well Brian states in his “About The Author” section that he has a degree in physics from Cambridge. In addition to that he has written loads about these subjects. Whether it be writing for a column or other novels he has proven time and time again that he is a true enthusiast about space and really knows his facts. Journal Entry 2: Prompt: What ideas might you have for turning this work of nonfiction into a work of fiction? Give a brief summary of what your story might be like. These should be meaningful and relevant to the author’s…show more content…
Response: Ideas I have for turning Brian Clegg’s “Final Frontier” are taking the concepts about space exploration that would impact society and make it so that it is a political conspiracy by a group of former NASA employees who want to use the resources from the other planets. As well I would like another plot to be based around a society who aims to create a utopia. They would start new on another planet and use renewable resources such as infinite power from solar energy, which would be powered by the stars. The story completely put together would sound something like Final Frontier is a story about a group of former NASA employees aiming to escape the government and start a new life on mars. They steal and develop new, and unreleased technology developed by NASA before the government pulled their
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