The Future Essay: Uncertainty About The Future

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Uncertainty about the future:
I have mentioned this as a stress that I cause, but this is a stress that impacts negatively on me as well. I can only do so much. I can work as hard as possible, but that still does not mean that I would be accepted to do what I want to do. I no longer hold my dreams in my own hands. I might have done my best, but there could be someone who has done even better than me. This stresses me because I can’t do any better than my best. That is my limit. I do not know what would happen in my life after this year and the scary part is that I do not have a say in the matter. We all have dreams and wishes but what happens when you don’t accomplish what you have been working for your whole life?
This is made worse when I do not do well. I need to do my best in order to get somewhere. It is also made worse when I think about universities and know that they
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I feel that I have to live up to these expectations, especially since I suspect that my family shares these expectations. Each time someone tells me what they expect from me I put myself under more pressure to live up to these expectations. This is a stress because I am constantly put under pressure to excel this year. I understand that this is my final year and will do my best to achieve good results. This is supposed to be my best year at school but it is becoming a nightmare. I place myself under a great deal of pressure because I understand that this is a make or break situation, at least for me.
This stress is worse, when people constantly remind me of their expectations. I am already under so much pressure because of my own expectations. It is worse when I am not excelling. The support from my family is great, but ultimately, I am in the situation, so I must deal with it. This is my life and I will do everything within my power to make a success of it and to function independently one

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