The Future In Charles E. Finch's 'The Cog'

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The future. Human nature doesn't now what will happen. But the man that shows us this

is Charles E. Finch, writer of The Cog, he illuminates in the reader's eyes that they should expect the

unexpected in the near future. Although some people may argue that when they plan for the future they will have a better life, but everyone has to watch out for the bumps that life can bring you.

When people travel travel through life they hit road bumps that cause a goal in their life

unachievable. In the short story The Cog it states on page 3 paragraph 2 it says that he and Gerald

both shared the longing for the stars but unlike Gerald, he did not reach the stars as he had hoped, this

short strong piece of evidence show that when you hope
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Life is an adventure of hope and chance but when we take an unexpected turn it can be hard to

get back onto the right path. On page 2 it says he had failed just as many kids will after he had passed,

this enlightens in the reader's eyes that many kids and adults have roadblocks in their lives that stops

them from accomplishing them from their dreams. On page 3 it says that he would have changed to be

an astronaut for anything which shows that many people would give anything for their dream but it is just

out of reach. When you follow your heart it can cause much agony or can cause much happiness. Human error causes us to make mistakes in our life, so we need to expect the unexpected in the

future so we can make less mistakes. We can’t get off the road of life but we can try to move away

from roadblocks and also move away from the temptations of anger and jealousy. But even if you do

stumble into a stop just be happy with the life you have been given. But people can’t not just destroy the

roadblocks people have stumbled into, people have to accept the fact that they have had one bad thing

in their

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