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The Art of the Future Art would denote a beautiful work of artists created with imaginations and skills that expresses important information or feelings. When created, art has much to communicate. Many people love the work of art and were thus created for many reasons. Some of these reasons for the creation of art include; the sharing and expanding of our visual language. Whenever an art presents ideas through images for the first time, they can at times be shocking and very hard to comprehend. Never the less, after some time, such ideas are slowly accepted and comprehended in the best way ever. For a very long time, art has been used as a mean to communicate religious ideas. Churches used art in the past to pass imperative information that…show more content…
In the same way, art has remained in the hands of a few people who had exposed themselves before. However, in the very near future because of the internet that has made globalization a reality and never a dream, very many artists are emerging from across the globe (Cornish, 77-93). Artists from far and near can now present their arts to the market without going through many hustles. The world due to the internet can access an exquisite art and be able to procure it through the same way. It is this that is going to make these artists encouraged and within a very short time, art will scale to better heights. The improvement of technology in a way has made art easier, and more appealing compared to the past. Better still with the continuous improvement in technology, more is going to be experienced in the field of art. Ages ago, an artist could take a whole day working on a single simple art that could earn so little. But with the development of technology, art has become more appealing and very practical than it used to be. 
In the future, the upper-middle-brow of art will emerge. Critic William Deresiewicz used the term upper-middle-brow in describing the cultural context that greatly appealed and stands on its advantage. The world of art is becoming more appealing to many people than before. The small picture that would not be appreciated were overtaken by the big ones…show more content…
Education for a long time had played a big role in the music industry. People in the past lived in the idea of musicians are born and not made (Alexenberg, 46-56). The talent issue made music to remain undeveloped for a long time. But when people realized that people who were never before talented in music could be educated and perform wonderfully in music, elevated it. The same case applies to art that was always seen as a talent making it less dominated for a very long time despite all the chances it had to develop (Cornish, 126-133). With the introduction of Art as a subject taught in schools, people who believed to be destitute in Art have emerged best artists. It was, thus a clear indicator that, if more students enrolled for art courses, the art industry would as well be congested with competent artists. It was the exceeding expounded reasons that made us project what art would future in the future congested as music is

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