The Future Of Driverless Cars

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Driverless cars heralding a great future or ummaned killers? Driverless cars should be on the road because they can really assist people with disabilities, they reduce the amount of car accidents , and they will allow you to do virtually anything on your way to your next destination! Self-driving cars were originally created to explore the world without the constant risk of human error, but not only they meet that requirement but the could also help those with disabilities that shut down their senses. The blind, the deaf, and the physically impaired will be able to get around effortlessly. They will be able to enter vehicles and go places without the help of other people. The days of asking other people for rides and favors will be over…show more content…
“Google has had a fleet of driverless cars since 2009, and they’ve driven over a half a million miles (804,672 kilometers) without a crash. Human drivers get in an accident about every half a million miles on average in the United States, so either the Google cars are due, or they’re going to out drive humans yet again.” Stated by Jamie Deaton and Kristen Hall-Geister in an article titled “Cars of Tomorrow - Still Not Flying,”. Driverless cars will take the pressure of having to constantly watch the road of the plate of the driver, this will do wonders for people with trouble focusing and people who have to get things done before they arrive where they need to be. “ The other potential plus is efficiency. While a driverless car is using its digital prowess to whisk you to the store, it can, and will, be talking to to all the other driverless cars out there. And not only chatting with them, but talking back and forth with smart roadways. This will allow all sorts of efficiencies to be realized. One driverless car will know that the other driverless cars in front of them will not suddenly slow down, so the gaps between can be shortened. And the first driverless car in this line, when it realizes that it will have to slow down, or stop, it will relay this information to all the other driverless cars in the line, and they can react as a unit. Intelligent roadways will allow the…show more content…
As they are controlled by computers they can be breached but that is not likely to happen because they would be placed on a secure server. There can also be technical errors such as a glitch causes the computer not to recognize a person walking several feet in front of the vehicle and the car could crash into the person. This would be a huge problem especially if they had to stage a factory recall on the vehicles. All things considered the benefits far outweigh the harms so they should begin to mass produce driverless
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