Essay On The Future Of Human Services

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The Future of Human Services Human services is uniquely meeting human needs and focusing on the preventions and solutions of problems. To fully comprehend the future of human services we need to look at how human services was formed. We also need to see how human services have changed over the years and the way human services are now. By looking at the past and the present we will have a good perception of the route human services is taking and how this affects us. The Past During the 1950s and 1960s people with disabilities, substance abusers and the poor were starting to get the recognition they deserved, this is where it all began. The national institute for mental health was formed in 1956 and they started the first associates degree in the mental health at Purdue university, this was the forerunner of the movement. With mental illness now being studied and having…show more content…
With the change of the times also brings forth more problems to be solved. Now when you go to a job they do not discriminate on color, gender, ethnicity or sexuality they have equal rights in place and most companies hire human service workers to make sure that everyone’s needs are met. So, we live in a better world then our elders did but now we have a bad economy and health insurance is at an all-time high. Of course, Medicare is still in place but they have measures in place and the only people who can use it are kids or people who have kids and the elderly, this means people who are young and do not have children have to pay for their health insurance and on top of other expenses. This means we have a problem with the health insurance system and most people feel like they are being left behind or not taken care of just like they did in the
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