The Future Of The English Language

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Question 1
What do you think the future of the English language will be like? Will the varieties of English which are used in different parts of the world nowadays fragment into different unintelligible languages? Why or why not?

Observing the past of English, we can predict its future. The future of English can be seen with these three points: words used locally can gain prestige locally and internationally, there will be balanced between maintaining international status and local identity and lastly globalization. The future of this language is also inclusive of the language fragmenting into different unintelligible languages, and this is judged by the language’s history, country’s soft and hard power, and the local’s stance.

The fact English will still be used in the future is inevitable for two reasons. Firstly, English today globally plays the role as lingua franca, which means it is known as common language used for communication between different language speakers (Horobin, 2018). Therefore, it is and will be hard for all speakers to forget English, and adapt to a new language for mutual communication purposes. Secondly, If the United states of America maintains its global power, English will remain the universal language all around the world. (Rahman, 2018). Thus, the phenomenon that English will remain the language for science, university medium of instruction and global business is doubtless. In the future, English will be supreme and long-lasting universal

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