The Gachupines Research Paper

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For far too long the voice of the voiceless has been suppressed by those who are in power, the Gachupines. The revolt in Guanajuato in the Alhondiga proved to be a turning point because it showed that when the “pueblo” is united it will never be defeated. For instance, about 20,000 to 25,000 supporters of Miguel Hidalgo de Costilla were beside him in the siege of the Alhondiga de Granaditas on September 28, 1810. Hence, his strong movement that is quickly gaining a lot of support is not a just a quest for independence, but it is a social and economic war against those who are in power, the Gachupines. They keep overexploiting our resources to their advantage at the expense of our country. For example, in 1804 there was a royal decree to limit the church’s power and give more power to the Spanish Crown. Our mother country passed this legislation because of all debt it had accumulated in the wars that it was involved; however, why should we pay for our mother countries mistakes? In the process, the Gachupines who hold all the elite positions take advantage of this and overexploit the lower classes. Bear in mind that the Church was the only one that was helping out the lower classes with small investments in order to help the commoners prosper, now there is no one to provide that aid. We have entered into a financial crisis and to…show more content…
As it is clearly evident, in the siege of the Alhondiga if we work together in the name of equality to continue this struggle for independence, we can move towards a better future. Mexicans are tired of paying for oppressive taxes such as “alcabala”, “estanco” and other forms of tributes to the Spanish Crown. So like the father of the Mexican Independence movement, Miguel Hidalgo, perfectly said, “Viva Independencia! Viva America! Muera el mal
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