Guadalupe Hidalgo Treaty

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The United States bought its way to glory, not just once but twice. These events were the Guadalupe Hidalgo Treaty, in 1848, and the Gadsden Treaty, in 1853. The Guadalupe Hidalgo Treaty was an attempt to end the Mexican-American War, a territorial war between the United States and Mexico. This treaty worked in the United States’ favor, granting the country about 525,000 square miles of land. Afterwards, bickering between the two countries continued, and several conditions of the Guadalupe Hidalgo Treaty were not upheld. As a result, came the signing of a new treaty, named the Gadsden Treaty. This treaty was an attempt to solve old issues from the Mexican-American War. Furthermore, this treaty gave the United States, approximately 29,670 miles…show more content…
These after effects increased United States Immigration. One such event was the Gold Rush. Weeks after the Guadalupe Hidalgo Treaty, gold nuggets were found in California, recently bought from Mexico. Mexico just lost a large amount of gold. This event happened in early 1848. At first people did not believe the stories of large sums of gold in California, but slowly people from all over the world began immigrating to California, even Mexicans. By 1849, "the non-native population of the California [...] was [about] 100,000.”(The Gold Rush of 1849) Before, it was only about 1, 000. Two billion dollars worth of gold was found in California at this time. The gold Rush peaked in 1852. These two treaties also partly caused the Civil War and affected the events around the war. When the United States purchased all the new land from Mexico, people weren’t sure whether to make the land slave or non slave land. Whenever the United States obtained a new piece of land citizens would have this debate. This was one of the major reasons for the Civil War .This problem occurred after the signing of both treaties. In addition to partly starting the Civil War in the United States, these two treaties also started civil war in Mexico. This civil war was known as La Reforma. This war began in 1858 and ended in 1860. La Reforma means The Reform. As the name suggests, the Mexican government was reformed during this period of time. In the years prior, Mexico was losing a lot of land to the United State via the Guadalupe Hidalgo Treaty and the Gadsden Treaty. This caused people to undergo stress and disappointment. Eventually, citizens began to rebel which led to this civil war. During La Reforma, many Mexicans moved to the United States in hopes of safety. Also, the “Gadsden Purchase provided the land necessary for [the completion of the]
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