The Galilee Principle Analysis

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In Elizondo Virgil’s article “The Galilee Principle”, it is said that Jesus “became a marginal, Galilee Jew, a village craftsman living with his family…” (273). Jesus was a very humble man who wanted to help and serve the people of the world. In one way Jesus helped his neighbors is by showing them the unconditional love of God. Jesus loved everyone, from the ones who hated and mocked him, to the people that were shunned by society, and even the men who nailed him on the cross. While Virgil was looking into the life and service of Jesus, he came up with what he calls “The Galilee Principle”. “The Galilee Principle” is how a new society is formed out of the pain of the people, who were rejected and persecuted, and that new society became a society
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