The Gallipoli Campaign

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1.2 Report: The Gallipoli Campaign Name: Abbey Causes Of the Gallipoli Land Campaign The war started in 1914, but there were many causes that lead up to it. The main long-term contributing cause being the breakdown of the German (GM) -United Kingdom (UK) relationship. Three of the main contributing short-term causes included the assassination of Franz Ferdinand (Archduke of Austria-Hungary), allies invasion of the ottoman empire and the Gallipoli naval campaign which resulted in the land campaign. The main long-term cause was the breakdown of the GM-UK relationship. The factors that contributed to this was the Kaiser (emperor of Germany Wilhelm II), and the creation of the German navy. Despite Wilhelm’s admiration of the British,…show more content…
Serbian nationalists were against this as they believed they should be a part of the new independent Serbian nation. The date of his visit, June 28 was the anniversary of the First Battle of Kosovo in 1389, in which medieval Serbia was defeated by the Turks. Despite Serbia not losing its independence until 1448 due to the Second Battle of Kosovo, June 28 was significant to Serbian nationalists. June 28 was also Franz Ferdinand’s wedding anniversary. On June 28, 1914, when Franz Ferdinand and Sophie were touring Sarajevo in an open car, with little security, Serbian nationalist Nedjelko Cabrinovic threw a bomb in their car. The bomb rolled off the back of the vehicle and wounded an officer and some bystanders. It was when they were on their way to visit the injured officer that they were attacked a second time by one of Cabrinovic’s cohorts. The archduke’s driver took a wrong turn at the junction of Appel quay and Franzjosefstrasse, where 19-year-old Gavrilo Princip, happened to be. Princip had ties with the Black Hand which was a secretive military group. Seeing his opportunity, Princip fired into the car, shooting Franz Ferdinand and Sophie at point-blank range. A bystander threw himself upon the young assassin, preventing him from committing suicide. Following this, a mob of angry onlookers attacked Princip. He was wrestled away by the police after fighting back. Meanwhile, Franz Ferdinand and Sophie lay critically injured in their limousine as it rushed to seek help. They both died within the hour. The assassination of Franz-Ferdinand and Sophie caused a rapid chain of events, one of which Austria-Hungary, along with many others around the world, blamed the Serbian government for the attack. They hoped to use the incident as the justification of Slav nationalism (unify
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