The Gambler's Descriptive Essay-Let The Dive Bar

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Somewhere in New York City a tall man with blue black hair, a worn pair of jeans and an even more worn pair of cowboy boots walked into a dive bar. His companion had longer hair, a long trench over a jewel toned button down and vest. A spark of red in his eyes hinted at his mischievous nature. They were more than acquaintances, sometimes allies, maybe less than friends. Tonight they were drinking buddies. Walking into the bar the older man caught the hint of gunpowder, gun oil, and brimstone underneath the normal bar smells of sweat, beer, and smoke. Sure New York had banned smoking in most public establishments but this bar like many other dark dens didn’t seem to give a dam. “Oh hell, looks like we’re not the only ones here tonight.” He said indicating a booth where two men sat. One was wearing a dark green sweatshirt with the hood up over his head. The other was wearing a worn leather jacket, the back of his…show more content…
Other patrons tended to get antsy when you put one-foot-long metal claws through someone’s head. But The Gambler was perfectly suited to him and even Gambit had to acknowledge he did it well. When he returned to the booth he poured another tumbler of whiskey and waited for others to perform so he could go back up for his second song. He whistled and clapped for everyone but most of the performers were drunks whose friends teasing had gotten them on stage. One or two were so bad he flinched in sympathy for Logan’s hearing. Two people ended up doing Ghost Rider much to Johnny’s displeasure, apparently he had heard the song more than enough times now. Another singer, who was pretty good, did the Skynyrd cover he had been planning on doing. Half an hour later he was back up to do his duet with Stephanie, who had picked out Jackson by Johnny and June Carter Cash. Gambit teased him for that
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