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(Intro)Novels which are transformed for screenplay oftentimes loose details so much so that it alters the meaning of the novel. Apollonius ', novel the Argonautica, is about a young man by the name of Jason, who is sent on a quest to retrieve the Golden Fleece from the other side of the world. During his adventurous quest a Sorceress by the name of Medea falls in love with Jason by the influence of the gods. Medea, who helps Jason acquire the Golden Fleece from her father 's kingdom, flees and returns with Jason to his homeland as married couple. The film adaptation to Apollonius ' novel Jason and the Argonauts, shares the same goal, which is to acquire the Golden Fleece however, the quest shown in the film differs from the novel. A few of the differences shown in the film are the characteristics of Jason and Medea, the interference and supervision by the gods of Jason 's quest, as well how the quest goes on throughout the film. The audience 's perspective of how the characters are supposed to behave changes as the film progresses.
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A similar climax, where Jason and Medea meet. Lastly, a similar conclusion where the Argonauts retrieve the Golden Fleece. The film loses some of the themes from the novel which are significant to its purpose. Themes such as women being empowered, independent, and heroic. Other themes such as many men being dishonest, unfaithful, and cowardly are lost during the transition from the paper and pen to the big screen. Instead the movie stereotypes men as being superior, loyal, and heroic. While women are portrayed as being fragile, dependent, and weak. The movie also adds another theme which is not present in the novel which is when one steals or takes what is not his, there are consequences one must face. As was evident when Herakles took something which was not his and was punished by losing his dear lover

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