The Gang Gets Racist Analysis

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When you get into school as a young child, you are learning to get along with all kinds of racially diverse children. You usually find friends that are the same gender as you are because you don’t really know what kids of the opposite gender that age are capable of. You definitely want female friends if you are a girl because who else would you tell your deepest secrets to? And boys are usually friends with other boys because they are almost like brothers. In “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia”, in the pilot called “The Gang Gets Racist”, the characters show that most Caucasian males are unable to treat people that are racially different and that have a different gender the same as other Caucasian males. In this sitcom, four friends own an Irish pub in Philadelphia, Dee…show more content…
In this episode, they show that women don’t get a say in their job because they are just women. Women get paid less than men, and women are viewed that they can do less than men while on the job. Usually when you think of co-workers, you don’t spend time together outside of work every day. Well, with the crew that owns the bar and Dee, they spend all their time together. They are all very close with one another, spending time together outside of work because they were friends before they owned the bar. It’s surprising that they don’t get more frustrated with each other because they spend all their time together. What the audience should get out of this first episode is that you should treat racially diverse people no different than you treat yourself, and they show you what they think would happen if you did treat them like the four friends did. This episode also shows that people view women that they can’t do as much as men can, or that they don’t have as much of a say in different things because they are just women. Everyone should view other people as an equal to

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