The Garden In The Concrete Analysis

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The garden in the concrete

Andrade chooses to use his personal anecdotes in the opening piece so that the people in the audience that grew in a similar situation as he can connect to the theme he is going to talk about. Opening the speech with that little story of his childhood is a good strategy so that it could draw the attention of the public. When someone uses their personal stories in this kind of speeches it reflects that the person wants us to understand his point in their little anecdote.

He chooses to interpret the poem and compare it to the kids he teaches, he is trying to prove his point that when a kid living in a hard situation can overcome it and grow to be a better person. When he says that people don’t question the rose´s
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He mentions that the education system has the pinnacle well checked, but is lacking on the basics of the pyramid. This also allows the audience to see that if you have the right bases your pyramid will work for you.

Andrade’s choice to use Tupac’s story is for the audience to see that one action can change a person’s life. The anecdote shows us that if you push the person in the right direction with time and tell them that they are worth it and believe in them selves they can improve. It shows us that everyone has the potential to grow, if one has the tenacity.

He uses the anecdote to show us that children learn what they see, and empathy is one of the things one learns in a young age. For Tupac to use this image in his album after he met Maya, I think he wanted to express what he learned that day. That’s why Andrade used that picture to show the audience.

Andrade choose to show us the two important things he tells his students, the first one being that they are going to be in their lives forever and two is that they loved them. For Andrade to use these words to his students it’s his way of telling them they matter and to “water” and “soil” the little spot they are growing in. The audience can see how these words can help these
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