The Gardener Short Story

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The Gardener By S.A. Bodeen Essay Have you ever wanted to read a book that makes you keep turning the page and you can’t put it down? Would you ever like to be always worried about a “Gardener” finding you? How would you like to watch people eat your favorite food but not able to eat it yourself? Well, the book called The Gardener by S.A Bodeen will not let your mind stop thinking about what happens next. You will not be able to put it down. S.A Bodeen was really good at creating tension, conflict, and foreshadowing. The events that create tension, conflict, and foreshadowing are when Mason goes into his mom's filing cabinet, when mason is with the girl, and when he returns the girl back to TroDyn. One way the author used tension in the book was when Mason went digging in his mother's belongings, which led to increasing the complications between them. Mason's teacher Mr. Hogan gave him an application toTroDyn, but Mason’s mom wouldn’t let him go and won’t tell him why. One day Mason decided to go into his Mom's room and dig through her filing cabinet and found her badge to TroDyn (Bodeen ch 3-4). Mason went to where…show more content…
The guards with the green suits tried to take the girl, but Mason won't let them. Mason went right inside the TroDyn doors when they are stopped by Eva, who claims to be Laila mother (Bodeen Ch.12). The guards tased Mason and then they take Mason to a room and Laila back to the greenhouse. Mason walks up and wanders around. When he meets Eva again, she takes him see the “Gardener”, but when she does Mason doesn't think it's real. So, when he finds out who the “Gardner” is he is shocked who it is. It effects the book a lot because it's his father. His mother knew the whole time that it was his father and he didn't get to have a father figure in his life and to have a dad to look up to. Eva also was trying to kill Mason's dad, but she end up getting caught . This creates tension
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