The Gardette-Leprete House Haunted House

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The Haunted Sultan 's PalaceNew Orleans is fortunate enough to have a number of such haunted houses, but thisparticular one is most likely the most well-known mysterious and haunted house. The Gardette-LePrete House at 716 Dauphine Street is one of the most horrifying murders to have ever beencommitted took place. In the year 1836, the structure of 716 Dauphine Street was built. JosephCoulon Gardette was born in Philadelphia and came to New Orleans in hopes to achieve a speckof success as a dentist.Within 4 years his business had prospered extremely well. He orderFrederick Roy ,a local architect, to design him a three and a half story mansion and halfbasement.Within a few short years, Gardette sought to sell the home. Jean Baptiste LePrete, awealthy bank merchant and plantation owner, purchased the property for $20,049 in 1839. Bythe 1850s, he had hired a builder to add iron lace to the balconies. He and his family remainedat 716 Dauphine while the other half of the year, the LePretes departed to their plantation inPlacquemines Parish. In the 1860s, the Civil War became active and the family 's financialcrumbled. They could not maintain the upkeep of the house.…show more content…
LePrete so desperate for any sortof financial help, willingly agreed to renting the property to Prince Suleyman, a Turk who said tobe The Sultan of a mid eastern country.Over the few months, 716 Dauphine was a hub of
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