The Gay Option: Article Analysis

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Do you think being gay is an option or is someone born that way? I 'm here to talk about someone who is trying to figure out feelings dealing with options. The author of The Gay Option, Stephanie Farmington tells us that she wrote a letter explaining her being gay and how she feels that it 's optional. This is important because it allows the reader to know what the just of the article will be about. Starting with the letter impacts the reader to an extent were they kind of feel sorrow for the Author. The essay is an overview of the Per say Gay Option or if it 's genetic. The article was written to let people know how she felt. Stephanie says it an option to be gay or not but she also reveals that her mom does not believe that to be true. This shows that there is and has been conflict between the two. Starting off the article or section she say “I was 28” “I was born this way”pg 50 saying this shows the audience or reader that there is something wrong. She goes on to say “If there was a straight pill” “I’d swallow it faster than you can say the word gay” pg 50 this is a strong appeal to emotion which will make the reader feel sorrow for Stephanie. Her mother makes it clear that she believes it is something that…show more content…
If your looking into gay being an option you have to consider what consequences would follow. People are born with hatred which will eventually turn into picking on people that are gay. If people judge you based on how they see you it 's going to result it them being rude but the author Stephanie didn 't care if people were rude she stuck to what she believed.Stephanie researched the topic on being homosexual and heterosexual and the ideas found really supported her overall top. When she talked about D’Emilio essay”Born Gay” really stood out to in a way that it almost made me focus solely on it. The essay was about a case against the politics of biological determination. It provided detail which stood against the politically correct definition of
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