The Gaze: Visual Communication

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Essay: The Gaze
Subject: Visual Communications
A description of the meaning of the Gaze: “In modernity, the gaze is constituted through a relationship of subjects defined within and through the discourses of institutions” (Sturken & Cartwright, Practices of looking, 2009.) How power in society is classified by the societal classifications of considering modern day ‘norms’.
I specifically chose the topic of the woman as there where two topics to chose from, the other topic being on any chosen social or gender identity because I could directly speak for the woman as a woman.
In this essay I am to discuss how woman are viewed in the terms of “the gaze” through out present day and history including the changes in time.
In this essay there will
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• How are woman without (what is considered) ideal feminine qualities “othered” in society?
• How has literature and language caused the female to become the ‘weaker’ sex?
• How has religion made females the weaker sex?
• And finally how those issues I will investigate make the “gaze” of the woman in society?
The aim of my study is to fully comprehend the term “the gaze” by relating the issue to woman through out history and in modern day and age. I aim to determine how woman are represented in a stereotypical view and what constructed this idea to most people in society.
The purpose of this essay is to comprehend different theories of the Gaze and how id directly links to how power is established in society by applying these theories.
This study shows importance as it makes us aware of the theories and understandings regarding to how society can accept stereotypical views and what constructs stereotypical views in modern day. It is important to understand the background of what empowers civilisation, typically by ‘othering’ minorities. This study deciphers how we subconsciously practice analysing and what makes up our ideologies of certain roles in
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• Methods of research:
• Using books, written theories and internet research and findings to discover the representation of women in society.
I will compare the different theories constructed in my research to find a common thread that can be analysed.
The argument will be structured as follows:
- Introduction: This will include the definition and meaning behind the gaze and introduce my stance on how woman are represented. In this paragraph I will give context and introduce to the reader what my essay will be about – by discussing the gaze theory and linking it to how woman are generally represented.
- Body: This will include all theories, descriptions and research that I have gathered about the gaze and how it inks to woman in history and modern day, how the gaze of woman has changed through time, and how the gaze has altered power. I will also address all the main questions I have analysed about the essay and attempt to answer the research questions
- -Conclusion: In this I will summarise all the points that have come across in my body and repeat my stance on the issues and questions regarding the representation of the female in society.

Chapter 3: Conceptualization
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