The Geeks Shall Inherit The Earth Analysis

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In The Geeks Shall Inherit the Earth, written by Alexandra Robbins, the reader is expected to connect the lack of individuality of many in high schoolers to the results of the social and biological experiments by Asch and Berns. Throughout the story, Robbins in constantly showing how high schoolers are conforming to peer expectations, despite their own personal interests. Because of a fear of rejection for uniqueness, many high schoolers share the opinions that “I have to be the same as everybody else, or no one will like me.” Personally, I have observed similar experiences. People fear being different. For this reason, everyone wears converses, everyone has Swell bottles, and everyone wears Lokai bracelets. Following these trends allow people to fit in. In addition, high…show more content…
According to research, students in similar social circles have similar levels grades, leadership, and engagement. In my own experience, I have noticed high schoolers conform particularly to their friend’s desires. Even from simple things such as getting the same meal at lunch, students are constantly bending to the expectations of others. Yet, Robbins describes how we are set up to conform from childhood, and these studies of conformity prove it. In Asch’s study of conformity, he shockingly found that many people will give the wrong answer to an obvious question if everyone else gives that answer before them. This can be linked to teens bullying someone despite their conscience telling them otherwise because all of their friends are doing it. Robbins highlights Whitney’s own experiences with being afraid to not do what her friends are doing, such as bully people. Since Asch’s study, scientists have delved deeper into the study of why this occurs, and Berns discovered a link between physiological experiences of fear and non-conformity. I notice myself experience even the physiological symptoms associated with

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