Gender Pay Gap In The 1970's

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Gender gap was started to be seen as a social, economic and political issue in the 1970’s. During this time proponents of equal rights and especially feminists fought for social equality for women including same wage comparing with men. Gender pay gap is considered to be the difference in men’s and women’s median earnings doing the same job. Even though over a past few years the gap was decreasing, at the moment it is still considerable. According Eurostat, in 2014 women 's gross hourly earnings were on average 16.1% below those of men in the European Union. Gender pay gap is becoming more important subject of various discussions. One of the major fighters in this gender based problem are feminists. They claim that an unequal payment is a consequence…show more content…
There has been a lot of economic and social researches concerning this problem. The results did not differ noticeably and most of them discovered some important factors of disparities in men’s and women’s wage such as different career and education choices, occupation, experience and working hours (Wagner, 2015). As it is seen, all of the mentioned elements are more related to personal choices rather than the situation of the society. As these factors have a significant impact to the pay gap, it is important to analyse them…show more content…
Discussion about this issue reveals several aspects of unequal payment and they all can be assigned into two groups. Ones believe that gender pay gap is mostly arising because of poor women choices in education and career. Another side states that no matter how equal women and men can be in a labour market, men will always have benefit. It is undeniable that women have occupied less paid professions and in general they do earn less than men. But having in mind the idea that at the same work with the same education and experience male can get higher wage than female it is clear that pay gap is much more important problem than personal choices which is concerning the whole

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