The Gender Wage Gap

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The Gender Wage Gap Sex discrimination. Non- equal pay. Just disgraceful. The gender wage gap is becoming a serious problem in the world. Since the 1900’s there has been an ongoing problem with the difference men and women are paid while doing the same job. Men and women need to get paid equally to eliminate the gender wage gap and sex discrimination because it causes women to not get the chance at all the opportunities that men reserve. It also causes some to slip into poverty, and most women motherly figures so the need the money to provide for their children. Most women and men that work in the same fields do the same amount of work. On top of that they also have the same education. According to the source, “ In 2016 the gender wage gap between men and women was only 20 percent which is an improvement from the 1970’s - 2000’s wage gap”(The Simple Truth). Even though the gap between the wages has decreased since years past doesn’t mean that this world issue has been solved. In fact there is still significant work to be done. Studies found that, “In 50 states of the USA plus the District of Columbia there is a wage gap problem”(The Simple Truth). This problem is becoming more widespread than ever in the US if this keeps going it might spread all over the world. If that happens then women would be in a never ending hole. Since we have talked about the main problem let’s dive in to one of the biggest elements of the gender wage gap. One of the biggest elements of
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