General System Theory In Organizations

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Introduction Organizations tend to enhance the processes of their business and their organizational structure. However, doing such tasks entails complexities in the process. There are various aspects to consider before making some changes and it requires careful decisions and actions. It is also important to be strategic in employing actions to ensure the success of improving the organizational process and structure. Furthermore, there are approaches that used by the leadership to help him in the process. One of the methods that devised by the leadership is the Systems Theory. According to Capra (1997), Systems Theory helps in enhancing the aspects of the organization improvement since it acknowledges a big percentage of the actions and parts…show more content…
According to this theory, complicated systems contribute some primary organization values and function. Klir (1972) mentioned that the General System Theory method was recognized and regarded to be relevant in the collection of basic concepts, guidelines, approaches, issues, and equipment has anchored with the frameworks. Different business parties in Milan Wrought Iron Furniture Inc. were independent and had their manual IT structure before implementation of the new IT system. For instance, an owner would only allow minimum power distribution that will lead to a concerted hierarchical structure. The owner in the process will be able to maintain his authority at the highest level of the organization. It will enable the owner to implement his own standards and policies directly to the employees. The Milan Wrought Iron Furniture Inc. has an existing manual ordering management system, the process of recording, retrieving and updating of each record are having problems with the existing system. Poor data security because it uses only paper documentation and the data can easily access by anyone that can hold the…show more content…
In order to apply this theory, it is essential to evaluate the lack of sense of leadership and initiative at Milan Wrought Iron Furniture Inc. According to the scenario, the IT system is still unstable and unorganized. The scenario also includes employees inside the company that hindered the IT employees to fulfil their jobs and duties. For this reason, the company looked for an effective IT system that would help them in the process. For instance, the company launched a project that will require the accounting and finance units to use the management information system with four subsystem. However, none of the employees understands the new IT systems so they looked for a professional that will guide the employees. The new IT system will allow the employees to refine and simultaneously maintains a complete listing of a products and valuable information relating to various materials purchased in the company and compute for its expenses whether the price of it is in other currency. In addition, it creates purchase

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