The Genocide In Darfur, Africa

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"Genocide" the intention to destroy or murder a group of people because of their race, religion or political and/or ethical status. It is one of the most cruel crimes that can be comitted by any type of government. In this paper I am going to examine the historic genocide in Darfur, a region in Sudan, Africa that has been happening since the Spring of 2003. Not much attention or effort has been brought to the media about the crisis. It all began when Sudan’s very own government ordered and armed an Arab militia to attack certain ethnic groups. Without their intent it led to the mass murder of more than 480,000 people. Time and time again people question, why should we care? Imagine being out in public spending a wonderful day with your…show more content…
With around 2 million individuals unaccounted for, more than 240,000 individuals are constrained into neighboring Chad, and an expected 480,000 individuals are slaughtered. Many have died or have been murdered, but what 's going on to the rest? Much of the population have fled their homes to camps in surrounding cities to live but are still being watched by the Janjaweed army outside the camps. In 2004, the House and Senate proclaimed the circumstances in Darfur genocide, but Bashir and the army later denied the events ever happening even with so many people unaccounted for. In 2009, Basliar became the first sitting president to be indicted by the International Criminal courts for instructing a mass murder upon a specific group of people. The elections and referendums in 2011 on the Southern independence are real improvements which could profoundly affect Sudan in general and Darfur. In southern Sudan more than 300,000 have died from sickness, starvation, and different clashes from the consequence of the continuous war .The devastation that these individuals have been put through shows extraordinarily, and each contention that has been dealt with concerning the general population of Darfur and the catastrophe they are put through has made a Helpful…show more content…
All this problem should have been stopped and surrounding countries with the proper aid and armed forces should have intervened in any way possible. When the Holocaust took place back in the early 1940, where the Nazi 's were wiping out the Jewish population entirely, the USA stepped in. Many would now argue, "why should the US keep helping other countries with their economic problems?", wouldn 't you want help? In an instance if a crisis such as the Genocide in Darfur were to happen here on our homeland where the government turned on its own people then wanted you to believe in what they wanted you to and do as they say, hopefully we a people would stick together and be prepared to take rightful actions. We of all the people must speak up and demand the government leaders to just make the right choices to prevent and stop the atrocities, this could be done by sounding our words and demand our actions to the people of everywhere. There should be a making of human rights to the government policy. After all, we should try to stop all violence and just stick together without any conflict occurring, we also decisive action, including military army actions as well. It’s kind of possible to reduce the chances of it by addressing the roots of the causes of wars and violence such as discrimination shouldn’t be tolerated not by any people of anywhere. Our government is mainly the responsibility for the conflicts we have, they basically got control of everything that goes on. I

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