The Gentleman Outlaw And Me, Eli: Summary

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In the book, “The Gentleman Outlaw and Me, Eli” is about Eli trying to find her dad so she could live with him. In the beginning, Eli lives with her Aunt and Uncle. They abuse her. She cut off all of her hair and ran away to find her father. She found a guy that calls himself the “Gentleman Outlaw” and he wants to find her father too. Except he, Calvin, wants to kill her father, so Eli just said she wanted to find another man. In the middle of the book, Calvin and Eli go around begging for money so they can buy train tickets to Tinville, where Eli’s dad lives. They also play card games against people and cheat just so they could get the money. In the end, Eli finds her father and he throws Calvin in jail because when Calvin was younger he stole a horse. Then Eli stole her father’s keys, because he is the sheriff, and went to the jail. She then broke Calvin out. The protagonist is Eli, a girl that…show more content…
He is tall and very handsome. He helps Eli find her father. He is a cheat, and a lying freak. He changed because he started to understand why the sheriff killed his father and forgave him. Another minor character is Eli’s dad, Alfred. He has curly red hair and a lot of freckles on his face, just like Eli. He helps Eli because he is taking her in and being a dad to her. He also helped her by saying she wasn’t Eli and that she was Eliza so she wouldn't go to jail with Calvin. Miss Jenny is another minor character. She is going to be Eli’s new mom. She changed Eli by giving her the idea to break Calvin out. This story takes place in the west of the United States. The time period is the 1900’s. This meeting is way different to our world and time. The towns are super small and there aren’t a lot either. The places don’t have air-conditioning or heaters. The setting was amazing. I could see it in my head when I was reading. There were dirt roads, dirt floors in houses and people outside burning up in the heat. This is way different from our
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