The Gentrification Of The Mind Analysis

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The Gentrification of the mind (Sarah Schulman) Review In the story unveiled by Sarah Schulman describes a time where minorities of each descent were oppressed along with homosexuals and how everyone dwelled together in the cities. She describes how low income helped them sustain and how many artists, homosexuals, and minorities flew to the city for low rent and sense of freedom as well. She describes how the city was diverse and a melting pot. In addition to the way you could walk down a street and almost everyone of a different culture owned a store on the street. Although, what was normal soon became unnatural through gentrification. The kids of the “white flight” as she describes began to try to take back the city. Middle class and upper began to cultivate the city and displace the poor. Schulman said it basically was possibly because the city began to try and attract the wealthier supposedly to help pay municipal which later was found to be a lie. Tax breaks were definitely put into place to convert low income housing into luxery rentals. It forced out minorities because they were unable to pay the inflated prices and also homosexuals because sometimes when a partner died they were not able to inherit the home or apartment. So…show more content…
She describes how sometimes they would be refused service and ask to leave because of the sexual preference. The culture of gentrification “makes it hard for people to intervene on the behalf of others” , “ its the idea that people needing help is a private matter and that it is no ones business” , schulman says. Schulman says “We had to act out in characterological sense, to stand up to it” which is where Act Out came about informing the community about the silent killer of aids, gentrification, and oppression. She believes that gentrification his ended but I think it is still very much prevalent and
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