Hitler's Responsibility For The Holocaust

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Hitler led a regime of German people to conform against other people with different religions, ethnicities, and sexualities. Hitler was an idol for Germany and Jewish people were the scapegoats for Germany’s problems. Hitler convinced and manipulated millions of people to fight for his agenda. Hitler directed the minds of his followers to support a cause that killed millions of people which is now known as the Holocaust. Hitler was able to execute his plans for the Holocaust because of the aid from others which was demonstrated by Nazi leaders, the German military, and the Axis powers.
Hitler was the head of Nazi Germany and the man who is responsible for the Holocaust; however, other Nazi leaders were also a part of these tragedies such as
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Specifically, in the article “The German Military and the Holocaust” the author states, “Members of the German military murdered or were complicit in the murder of Jews as well as people with disabilities, Roma (Gypsies), Soviet prisoners of war, and eastern European civilians”(The German Military and the Holocaust). This shows that most of the German military was fully aware of the killings that were taking place. Moreover, this shows that the German military is also held responsible for the mass killing of Jews and other people during the Holocaust. Additionally, the author also expresses, “Elsewhere in the Soviet Union, the German army itself actively carried out mass shootings of Jews, often under the cover of the anti-partisan war. The assistance of the army was necessary as the Einsatzgruppen were simply too short-handed to carry out the massive number of killings required” (The German Military and the Holocaust). This shows that the Einsatzgruppen needed the help from the German military to carry out the killings that were necessary to them. This also shows that the German military willingly wanted to help in the mass murder of Jews. To conclude, the German military used their power and resources to kill millions of…show more content…
To demonstrate, in the article “Axis Alliance in World War II” the author conveyed, “On May 22, 1939, Germany and Italy signed the so-called Pact of Steel, formalizing the Axis alliance with military provisions. Finally, on September 27, 1940, Germany, Italy, and Japan signed the Tripartite Pact, which became known as the Axis alliance”(Axis Alliance in World War II). This shows that that the alliance between the three countries made it clear that Italy and Japan would join the war and help Nazi Germany. This also shows that each country would provide each other resources and provisions which helped the dominance of the Axis powers during the Holocaust. Additionally, in the article “Axis Powers” the author declares,“During the war a number of other countries joined the Axis, induced by coercion or promises of territory or protection by the Axis powers….connections among the Axis powers were strengthened by a full military and political alliance”(Axis Powers). This shows that the countries in the Axis powers aided the Nazi party with their military and other provisions during the Holocaust. Moreover, this shows that Hitler needed the help of other countries to build a bigger empire and kill millions of Jews. To summarize, the Axis powers aided Hitler for their own gains during the
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