The Gestapo Is Born Analysis

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According to the texts, The Holocaust had a negative effect on the people who lived through it. Jews were first made to fear the Gestapo so greatly that they felt that they were told what to do and had to do it. They were put in concentration camps and Ghettos where they were treated horribly and were badly abused. Soon enough, 6 to 9 million people died as a result of the Holocaust. According to the three texts, Holocaust survivors suffered negative effects due to the fact they had been abused, lost loved ones and treated as less than human. According to “Jakob’s Story”, the Holocaust survivors suffered negative effects due to the fact they were abused.For example, Jakob describes the treatment the people of the Holocaust had, were that they were abused horrendously. Jakob states, “We were beaten and abused constantly.” (Blankitny ¶8). Therefore, the quote shown explains that the people of the Holocaust were horribly treated by the Nazis. That also, it gave less hope for the people of surviving. These people faced trauma because of how poorly they were treated. From the poem, “I’m telling the Story”, the families who suffered had a negative effect because they…show more content…
The people who suffered in the Holocaust were treated less than humans because of how they were horribly abused. The article states, “Gestapo interrogation methods included: repeated near drownings of a prisoner in a bathtub filled with ice-cold water; electric shocks by attaching wires to hands,feet,and ears,... and burning flesh with matches or a soldering iron.” (The Gestapo is Born ¶14). Therefore, the shown quote,shows that people were treated less than human because, they were being horribly treated in that it was a near death situation in their abuse. People during the Holocaust were treated less than humans which shouldn’t have happened. They were all innocent, and were treated horribly for no
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