The Gettysburg Address Analysis

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1863 ABRAHAM LINCOLN [THE GETTYSBURG ADDRESS] PAULA SIMÓN POMARADA “The Gettysburg Address” is the most famous speech of Abraham Lincoln, the president of United States. was given on day November, 19th 1863, at the dedication of The Soldiers National Cemetery in the city of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, to commemorate the soldiers who died in the battle of Gettysburg, during the American Civil War. In less than 300 words, is one of the most exciting political speeches in history, but that day the main address had been assigned to Edward Everett, a major speaker at the time, whose speech had over 13609 words and lasted two hours. In contrast the brief words of the president Lincoln summarized war, the feeling of the people…show more content…
From other point of view Lincoln rules could be considered racist, because he was in favor of free blacks slaves leave United States to other countries in Africa, and had the acknowledged that the attitude of the white population of the north was in favor of abolishing slavery, but did not grant the some rights to white people. The war came to the end on April 9th , 1865. The General Commander on Nothern Virginia surrender his troops to the General of the Army of Potomac, winning the war The Unionist. Five days after the expected end of the war, April 14th , 1865, took place the murder of The President Abraham Lincoln. He was shot in his head while attending a performance at the Theater Ford in Washington D C. with his wife. The attack was planned and carried out by a fanatic follower of the Confederate cause, John Wikes Booth, as part of a conspiracy to rally the troops of the Confederate states to continue fighting until defeated the Union. Of this manner Lincoln became the first murdered president of the United
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