The Ghettos: The End Of The Holocaust

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The ghettos were the first step in eliminating the Jewish population. Jews were first moved to the ghettos to be easily identified and isolated from the rest of society (Altman 8). Some people were required to do manual labor for the Nazis such as, building walls around the ghettos or doing pretty much anything that would make money for the Nazis (Byers 73). The ghettos were built to be a temporary place where the Jews could stay while Hitler and his Nazis came up with a new plan, but they ended up staying until the end of the Holocaust (Ghettos). The first order to gather all Jews and move them into ghettos was sent out on September 21, 1939 (Altman 8). The first ghetto was built shortly after in Poland, in October of 1939. Jews started moving in at the beginning of 1940. On April 30 of that same year the ghetto in Lodz, Poland was sealed. Seven months later the Warsaw ghetto was sealed. Nobody could leave or have any contact with the outside world until they were deported or died (Byers 112). The ghettos were usually isolated and fenced off neighborhoods or a small section of a city (Altman Hitler 85). Many people in the ghettos died of starvation or illness. There was a very small amount of food in the ghettos and they were very unsanitary. There were usually no showers or sources of water, so nobody could clean themselves or wash their hands. This lead to illness which spread very quickly in these tight, unsanitary places. The Warsaw ghetto was the largest ghetto

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