The Ghost In Liddtke Mill Short Story

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The Ghost In Lidtke Mill A long time ago way back when, in the little town of Lime Springs, stood an old creaking building. They use to grind wheat and flour, split wood and make electricity. One day this older boy who was very intelligent, found a way to get into the mill and not leave any trace. He scattered around room to room, he really liked the electricity room. This one boy wore ripped up jeans and an old ripped up flannel shirt. An older boy had dried dirt on his face, scratches all over, and blood stains. The boy found some wires scattered on the ground, he didn’t know what they were. He was messing around with the red and black long wires, and then he touched the blue one. He started to shake he was getting electrocuted,…show more content…
When he caught, the amount of fish he wanted, Mike went and put the fish in the freezer, and then he went back to work. When he was done working he went to the freezer to get his fish. They were gone! Mike got mad he question all of the workers where they were, but they said they didn’t take any of it. Mike was frustrated and went back to the water and started to fish again. He felt something pull on his line, it was very strong. He caught a very big catfish. He went back to wear her always stored his the freezer what was in the jail. He put the fish in the freezer and locked it. When Mike was walking out of the jail he heard a click noise. He looked behind him and saw that the lock was unlocked. He went to look in the freezer and saw a body what looked familiar. He knew it was the guy that was electrocuted in the mill. He turned around and ran, but the door shut before he could get out. Mikes heart was pounding. The big catfish was behind him, the catfish grew very big and started to feed off of Mike. The guy that was electrocuted was just laughing and staring. After Mike’s legs and arms were torn off. The guy that was electrocuted threw him into the river to drown. Since then no one has saw Mike, and no one has worked at the lidtke mill after that has
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