The Ghost Of Fossil Glen Analysis

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The name of my book is The Ghost of Fossil Glen by Cynthia Defelice it was published on March 25, 1998. Cynthia Defelice wrote the book because as a child her mother read to her and that’s when she started loving books but it wasn't until she was 36 that she decided she wanted books for children. Other than being a writer she also owns a farm with her husband who is retired and she want to improve her farm. Defelice has written 16 novel and 12 picture books for young readers three of her books are The Ghost of Cutler Creek,Fort, and Wild Life. In the beginning of the story the setting is on a cliff in Fossil Glen and moves on to her school and her home. The narrator is the third-person and is not a character in the story.(questions 1-8) The protagonist in the book The Ghost of Fossil Glen is Allie Nichols.Her strengths are she is adventures and she is also helpful and very observant. Her likes are going on adventures and climbing cliff. The protagonist dislikes are how her friends do not believe her in the story. Also she does not like when her parents will not let her go cliff climbing because they think it is to dangerous.(question 9) The antagonist is the Raymond Gadney Lucy’s step-father. He does not have any strengths, weaknesses, likes, or dislikes since he only appears towards the ending of the story. He is the antagonist because the ghost of the dead girl Lucy wants people to know what her step-father had done to her. Lucy chose Allie to discover her body but the step-father…show more content…
And the reason on why she chose Allie to read her diary. After Lucy tell Alli where to find her body she is being followed by a man who she does not know. But Lucy soon tells Allie that it was her stepfather and he was trying to kill Allie because he didn't want her to discover Lucy’s body. Lucy saves Allie by pushing him off the cliff to his death.(question
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