Essay On Giant Impact Theory

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The dark shadow always following us has been a topic of interest for many years. This mysterious object is called the Moon. The Moon has been orbiting our Earth for nearly 4.5 billion years ago. The Moon has several effects on the . The Moon controls tides, which is 71% of the Earth 's surface. The origin of this object has been a question for many years. The most believed theory for how the Moon formed is called the Giant Impact Theory. This theory shows that a mars sized object came into Earth 's orbit, resulting in a collision. This collision caused a piece of Earth and debris to break off. This piece and debris molded together to create the Moon. The Moon then stayed in orbit, therefore it began orbiting the Earth. The Giant Impact Theory is the most logical and believed theory of how the Moon formed.
The Fission Theory is a commonly believed theory for how the Moon was created. This theory states that the Moon was once part of the Earth, but somehow separated from it. This is believed to have happened in early history times of the solar system. It is believed that the Moon most likely broke off of the Pacific Ocean basin. This is because the Moon 's composition is the same as the Earth 's. The Moon has
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This theory states that a mars sized object came into the Earths orbit. Resulting in a collision between Earth and the object. This collision caused a piece of Earth to break off, along with debris. All of this started to orbit the Earth. This debris and piece of Earth molded together to form the Moon. The Moon then stayed and started orbiting the Earth. This theory explains why the Earth has a smaller core that is made of the same material as the Earths core. The impact from the collision could have resulted in the "Earth 's fast initial spin" (Newman). The energy from this collision is an explanation for the extra heating of the Moon. This theory is the widely accepted and most sensible
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