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What species?
The giant panda usually known as just the panda bear is a black and white bear that lives from eating bamboo and is from China. This bear is usually known as adorable and cute that many people pay so much attention to. As many go by the name of panda bear, the scientific name is actually Ailuropoda melanoleuca and most don’t know but they provide more than just being cute. So what makes it giant? Well, it weights to about 330 pounds and is more than four feet tall despite this their size they’re still great at tree climbing. And even though, they are giant when they have cubs, they weight about 5 pounds (Loucks).
Despite the population of 1,800 panda bears are no longer on the list of endangered-species list. Since its population has increased and from the help of forest protection and reforestation the
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This panda bear has some possible fatal diseases, like SARS (severe acute respiratory syndrome) and the bird flu however, it’s in the process of doing more research in order to find cures or other diseases (“Pandas facing disease, food shortages”).
Why should the giant panda be saved?
The giant panda should be saved because they are a big role in china’s bamboo forests from spreading seeds and helping vegetation to grow. The benefits from saving these panda bears is that not only will they be saved, but also much more. For instance, it can help protect forests and other species living in them.
 Panda bears are important to be kept because their habitat helps for local communities that are used for food, income and fuel. They are known as to create economic benefits for people through ecotourism (“Why should we save the giant panda?”).
Overall, these panda provide a lot for the public and they should be kept to help for economic benefits they can provide a lot to the Chinese so they shouldn’t be given up on.
Why not be saved or

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